Our History

ELT is Melbourne based company created by energy efficiency enthusiasts to move Australia towards carbon neutral future and cleaner environment.

At Emerging Leading Technologies we are proud to say that we are consistently developing our technology and suppliers network to help the community in achieving a carbon neutral future for our children.

This means that the consumer can and will reduce the costs associated with energy needs as well as play a vital role in reducing the pollution and preserving our mutually enjoyed environment. Our vision extends as far as the early stages of development of our products.

We aim to increase efficiency and usability of materials to reduce the impact on the environment. We recycle or minimise wastage of any materials used in the production and actual upgrade stages.

Our long term vision is to reduce impact on the environment while delivering market leading products to consumers. We believe that by 2030 every Australian home and business will convert their existing inefficient technologies with revolutionary energy efficient and a cost effective substitute.

Priority of the company is the struggle for ecology

We recognise environmental challenges our world currently have and work towards implementing practical solutions to tackle thous issues.

Time to reduce power consumption

There are millions of watt of power to be save by switching to LEDs technology.

We love energy efficiency.

We strongly believe that first and most cost effective step to reduce power consumption by utilising only energy efficient electrical devises.

Residential LED Savings

Our Numbers

Thousands of customers already benefit utilising modern world technology to save on power bills and environmental foot prints.

Implement latest LEDs and energy efficient technologies  for your energy needs

We monitor the market for the latest advancements testing it and bring it to your doors.