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ELT provides top notch service and expertise in the field of energy efficient lighting. We work on your project thoroughly to ensure that we deliver the best integrations and great savings seamlessly.

What is LED lighting?

LED is abbreviated from Light Emitting Diode. LED lights are considerably more effective than customary incandescent lights and have an any longer life expectancy. Their little size and moderately cooler working temperature imply that it tends to be utilized in shapes and structures that would have been difficult to light with conventional bulbs.

Why should I upgrade to LED lighting?

LEDs are outstanding for their efficiency yet they have different qualities that make them an all the more earth amicable decision.

– A quick decrease in your electricity bill

– The lower wattage in LEDs lessens your organization’s carbon impression by diminishing carbon dioxide emanations.

– Since LED lights last as long as 15 years, bulbs should be supplanted less frequently. This prompts fewer bulbs being discarded.

– No unsafe materials are utilized in the development of LED lights. Not at all like ordinary bulbs that contain mercury, LED lights to contain no destructive synthetic concoctions.

– LEDs are made of recyclable materials and can be taken to extraordinary accumulation focuses. Parts would then be able to be re-utilized or recycled.

What types of light are available in LED? I want to replace all the lights in my residence or office.

Every type of light, be it incandescent, halogen or CFL, is available as a LED light.

When and how will I start seeing savings?

After you upgrade your lighting you will see that your saving has started. You can monitor the saving using real-time monitoring or through your regular bill. In case if you don’t have real-time monitoring, your succeeding electricity bills will show a lower usage amount. Also, after the upgrade you will see that traditional style lights generate more heat, therefore in summer, your air-conditioning units will be saving as well.

I heard that LED lights have a specific lifespan. How long will the LED lights last?

All kinds of lights, be it LED or non LED, has a lifespan. In this respect, LED lights last up to 8 times longer than incandescent lights. Usually, the lifespan is a minimum of 30,000 hours of use, making it a more environment-friendly choice as well as a more cost-effective product.

Do you have warranty for the LED products?

Definitely, yes. All ELT products have their own respective warranty terms. Please contact us for further details. Product warranties vary from 1-5 years. We can provide specific product specifications on request. We also provide guarantees for our installation works.

What do you assess during an initial assessment?

During our initial assessment, we document your existing Lighting Layout, Usage Patterns, and Retailer Tariff rates. It usually takes a couple of hours. After recording, we analyze and then provide a concise report presenting the proposed financial and energy Savings for an upgraded installation.

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