Save Money With FREE High Efficiency LED Lighting UPGRADE in the state of  VICTORIA.

Commercial/Industrial LED upgrade registration

Register your interest for your LED upgrade under the state energy efficiency initiative scheme by completing the form below or calling 1300 55 25 90
  • What type and how many fittings do you want to upgrade?
    • To replace with LED Panels, minimum Installation QTY 25 LED Fittings
    • Snow
    • Minimum Installation QTY 4 HB
    • Snow
    • Set of 2 - 4 pin fluro lights to replace with LED Shop Light 150mm-200mm cut-out
    • Snow
  • Your details

Approximate prices

# Service Price
1 Product Supply $0.00
2 Product Installation $0.00
3 Supply of Additional Equipment $TBA
4 Warranty 5 yrs

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